Portrait Shoot: Goonies Ulloa

Most of the time I get asked, “Why do you want to take my picture?”. Usually my answer is to update my portfolio and so the person can have some nice pictures of them self…while at times that’s true, most of the time the honest truth would sound plain weird. The reason I photograph the people that I do is because I believe in what they are trying to achieve or what they have achieved. I respect art and the people behind it and I admire people’s passion to their craft. These people deserve to be acknowledged as individuals and I would like to highlight them in our society. So, “Why do I want to take your photograph?” Because I believe in you and your work.

Speaking of, here is an example of one of those people!

I had the chance to photograph Goonies, a tattoo artist out of Old Towne Tattoo Parlor in Orange, CA and a singer/guitarist for Beatrix Kiddo. A bit shy at times but fun once you get to know her. Check out her work and her band! Support your local artist/band!

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Wedding Shoot: at Springfield Banquet in Fullerton CA – Alan & Mariana


It’s beginning to be wedding season and Alan & Mariana’s wedding was the first one of the year. I usually don’t post wedding photos on this blog, but I realized that most of my followers don’t know that not only do I specialize in portrait photography but my second passion is wedding photography. It is honestly one of the most challenging gigs you can ever have. Not only do you start early in the morning and leave late at night, you have to capture the right moments and be creative, friendly, patient and positive at all times; especially at those key hectic moments. But the resulting photographs, that will live on for generations to come in their new family, makes it so worth it.

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Portrait Shoot: Anaheim Skateboards


Skateboarding is a gateway to a creative mind, you see the world differently when you skate. As a teenager all I ever wanted to do was skate everywhere and anywhere, but I gave up skateboarding for photography. From time to time I wished I would have kept on skating but I love photography a lot more. I truly enjoyed seeing the determination and skills of Jake and Sonny; both skate for Anaheim Skateboards. Mark, owner of Anaheim Skateboards, gave me an opportunity to work with these two amazing skaters at two great locations. I was also able to take their portrait, I’m really pleased with the results.

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